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Türkçe Geri Dön



Güllaç is a traditional Turkish dessert usually served in the month of Ramadan. Widely sold at supermarkets and food stores, the güllaç dough is prepared with corn starch and wheat flour. This recipe requires 1 pack of güllaç dough.

Boil milk, add sugar and rose water and let cool. Pour the milk mixture into a deep tray or dish large enough fit an entire güllaç sheet. Pour a ladle full of milk at the bottom of another deep tray large enough fit an entire güllaç sheet. One by one, dip half of the güllaç sheets into the warm milk mixture in the first tray. Immediately move each soaked sheet to the other tray and pour a ladle full of milk on each layer and sprinkle generously with the sliced almonds. Soak the remainder of the güllaç sheets, place them in the other tray and remember to pour a ladle-full of milk between each layer. Sprinkle the remainder of the milk on the top layer, place a large lid over the sheets and let rest until the güllaç sheets soak up the milk. Sprinkle with grated pistachio nuts and cut to serve.