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Türkçe Geri Dön
Prepared with traditional methods

Efeler Çiftliği Butter

Efeler Çiftliği Butter

Efeler Çiftliği Butter

Efeler Çiftliği Butter is a traditional, fragrant, homemade butter artisanally produced from our all-natural fresh farm milk. For this reason, the flavor it will add to your breakfast and other meals is different from the butter you have experienced before. Even a simple recipe of scrambled eggs turns into a gourmet dish with Efeler Çiftliği Butter.

Nutrition Facts


3065 kj/745 kcal


82 g


1,0 g


0,8 g


0,0 g

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It is very difficult to distinguish 'real' butter without a laboratory analysis. However, butter has the ability to melt as one piece if it's thrown into hot water. This simple at-home test will give you an idea as to ​​the quality of butter.

You sure can! Efeler Çiftliği Butter can be frozen for up to four months. The texture and flavor may change slightly, but not noticeably. We suggest storing butter in its original packaging and in a sealed freezer bag. Defrost it slowly in the fridge before use. We do not recommend melting frozen butter in the microwave without first thawing.

Our Efeler Çiftliği Butter is 82% butterfat, which is higher than the industry standard for butter. We think you'll notice the extra-creaminess!

You might wonder if real butter burns. Take a spoonful of butter and heat it in a small frying pan. If foaming does not occur, this oil probably contains some margarine. Real and organic butter starts to foam when heated in a pan.
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